As a specialist UK based manufacturer we are able to produce a vast range of cable assemblies, all our assemblies are custom built to your own drawings or samples and specifications, if you are unsure of your requirements we able to offer our experience and assist in your design.

We have extensive dedicated tooling for many varied crimps our stringent processes ensure that quality is maintained to defined standards, ensuring a reliable connection is made every time.

Our production equipment has been carefully selected and includes: -

  • Wirmec AM300 Quattro
  • Komax automated cut and strip equipment
  • Kirsten automatic cut and crimp machines
  • Schleuniger strip and crimp machines
  • JST auto-feed presses
  • JST mini applicator presses
  • Mecal crimp press
  • Weidmuller automatic ferrule crimper

In addition we have a wide range of crimp applicators and hand tools that enable the efficient production of high quality reliable terminations to hundreds of different styles of crimp. These include but are by no means limited to: -

  • Molex
  • JST
  • Tyco/Amp
  • ITT Cannon
  • Harwin
  • Hirose
  • Deutch

With continued investment we are adding new tools and capabilities all the time so whatever your crimp requirement we will be able to accommodate your needs.

Our production facility allows us to be extremely flexible and can produce large volume terminated assemblies through our semi-automated presses or low quantity complex, multi connector looms.

Simply, whatever your requirement, Deval Limited can satisfy!


We appreciate that sometimes you may only require a simple cut length of wire, possibly tinned or just a ring terminal. A lot of cable manufacturers may not take this work on; at Deval we know that every wire is important, without that smallest link wire, the system fails.

We have dedicated lines producing this type of assembly and are happy to supply small kits of wire links or earth wires and you will still get the same personal service and our renowned product quality.

We can process varied types of wire and cable, common types include: -

  • PTFE
  • Mil Spec 44
  • Co-Ax
  • 0.5mm – 6mm Equipment Wire
  • Tri-Rated
  • Ribbon Cable
  • Flat and Round
  • Screened Multicores
  • Silicone
  • Cat 5 and 6e Ethernet


Over the years many customers have asked us to build to the next level up, this has helped them so that they can simply receive a built sub-assembly or even a completed test box ready for further processing or immediate use.

We have completed many sub-assembly projects for: -

  • Medical equipment power modules
  • Railway switchgear and testing applications
  • Instrumentation projects
  • Banking modules
  • Vending/change machines

Ethernet / USB / Common Leads

Although we specialise in bespoke cable assembly we also know that often all that is needed is a generic “off the shelf” type lead. We can supply these to you at any volume and because of our market knowledge and buying power we can supply them to you at very competitive prices.

  • RJ45
  • RJ11
  • RJ12
  • USB A & B
  • Micro USB
  • 9, 15, 25 way "D" connectors
  • SATA Connectors
  • Common computer cables
  • Power Leads

We are regularly asked to take a standard easily available lead and then customise it to customer’s specific requirement, this can be fitting an alternative connector at one end or adding EMC shielding or ruggedizing the assembly for harsh environments.

Circular Military Style

We are very experienced with manufacturing assemblies that utilise high value circular connectors, these often need specific tooling to ensure reliability and a carefully controlled process. We have manufactured some long multi-connector assemblies with many multi-pole connectors. These have been supplied to prestigious customers with very high expectations; naturally there expectations were met or exceeded.

Signal Cables

Deval Limited has all the custom tooling and knowledge to manufacture every style of signal cable to your absolute requirements. We work with all types of screened co-axial cable and common terminations include:-

  • BNC
  • SMA
  • SMB
  • F type
  • MCX
  • N type

Ribbon Cables

We manufacture many styles of assembly that require the use of ribbon cable, we have specific tooling to accommodate anything from two way up to one hundred way. These can be fitted with many different styles of multi-row connectors to your specific design and if necessary pre-formed to allow for quick and easy fitment to your equipment.

Electronic / Component Assembly

We are able to populate simple PCB assemblies, connect wiring looms directly to components if required in our static controlled environment. Our customers say this helps them with their strategic sourcing and assembly logistics.

Our technicians have become very competent in most types of assembly and these resources have helped us to become the dynamic company we are today.

We have undertaken projects for banking, medical, instrumentation and aircraft industries to customers design and demanding quality expectations.

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